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The Top Leading AI Healthcare Companies in 2023

There are only a few other areas in which artificial intelligence has more potential to significantly revolutionize and ultimately greatly improve an industry as in the healthcare industry.

AI In Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is emerging as a powerful tool in healthcare, enabling medical professionals to analyze vast amounts of data and generate actionable insights. Through machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI techniques, healthcare providers can harness the potential of technology to improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient care.

At the forefront of these exciting new possibilities in healthcare and medicine, stand AI healthcare companies that are offering these new AI tools to healthcare professionals.

This intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare is paving the way for groundbreaking innovations that are transforming the healthcare industry and medical landscape as a whole. From diagnosing diseases to personalizing treatment plans, AI has the undeniable potential to revolutionize patient care and improve health outcomes.

The following lists the top AI healthcare companies of 2023, that are leading the way in utilizing AI in healthcare through their innovative and cutting-edge AI technologies and concepts. Each of these AI healthcare companies has the potential to make a huge impact in their respective medical fields and change them for the better.

The Top AI Healthcare Companies of 2023

Tempus: Refining Precision Medicine

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Full Company Name: Tempus Labs, Inc.

Founded in 2015
HQ: Chicago, Illinois, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Precision Medicine

In the realm of healthcare, precision medicine has emerged as a groundbreaking approach to tailoring treatments to individual patients. Tempus is dedicated to driving forward and further improving and refining the field of precision medicine through the power of artificial intelligence. The ability to reliably analyze vast amounts of clinical and molecular data is central to the success of effective precision medicine. Tempus leverages advanced AI algorithms to unravel the complexities of this data, providing healthcare professionals with invaluable insights. By employing machine learning and data analytics, Tempus’ platform thus enables healthcare providers to make more informed decisions about treatments, therapies, and interventions. This personalized approach holds the promise of significantly improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Butterfly Network: Transforming Ultrasound Imaging

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Full Company Name: Butterfly Network, Inc.

Founded in 2011
HQ: Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Medical Imaging (Ultrasounds)

Already founded in 2011, Butterfly Network is revolutionizing point-of-care ultrasound with its AI-powered handheld device Butterfly iQ. This portable ultrasound device, combined with AI algorithms, allows healthcare professionals to perform quick, cost-efficient, and accurate diagnostic imaging at the patient’s bedside. By democratizing access to ultrasound technology, Butterfly Network is enabling healthcare providers to deliver quality care in a wide range of settings all around the globe. In a world where precise and accessible ultrasound imaging is essential for good medical diagnosis and intervention, Butterfly Network is now at the forefront of innovation in this field.

Radiobotics: Changing Radiology As We Know It

Full Company Name: Radiobotics ApS

Founded in 2017
HQ: Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Medical Imaging (Radiography)

Radiobotics is a healthcare AI company that leverages artificial intelligence to augment the field of medical radiography and enhance diagnostic imaging processes. Radiobotics’ AI technology-based products can assist doctors in analyzing medical images and detecting subtle cues that the human eye may miss, hence greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of radiologists and other medical professionals. Ultimately, Radiobotics has the aim and potential to revolutionize the entire field of radiology, delivering higher-quality care, streamlining diagnostic processes, and reshaping the future of medical imaging.

CloudMedX Health: Optimizing Clinical Decision Processes

Full Company Name: Cloudmedx Inc.

Founded in 2014
HQ: Sunnyvale, California, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Clinical Decision Support

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, clinical insights, and decision support are critical for improving patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency. CloudMedX Health is harnessing the power of AI to improve clinical decision-making and optimize healthcare operations. Its cognitive computing platform ‘ONE’ integrates data from various sources, including electronic health records and medical literature, to provide actionable insights to both patients and healthcare providers. By leveraging natural language processing and advanced analytics, CloudMedX Health enables risk stratification, enhances care coordination, and thus ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Pieces Technologies: Elevating Healthcare with AI-Driven Insights

Full Company Name: Pieces Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2015
HQ: Irving, Texas, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Clinical Decision Support

Pieces Technologies is another leading healthcare AI company utilizing artificial intelligence to interpret patient information in real-time and provide actionable insights to healthcare professionals. Its AI-based technology, named Pieces Predict, combines clinically-based natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning, supervised by physicians, to create a unique and comprehensive solution for healthcare professionals, offering valuable information that supports clinical decision-making, resource allocation, and overall patient management. This approach promises to elevate healthcare providers to make more informed choices, ultimately leading to improved patient care and healthcare system efficiency.

Overjet: Leveraging AI For Dental Care

Full Company Name: Overjet, Inc.

Founded in 2018
HQ: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Clinical Decision Support (Dentistry and Orthodontics)

Overjet is an AI healthcare company focused on improving the quality of dental care, while at the same time reducing costs for dental and orthodontic treatments. By leveraging the company’s AI algorithms, Overjet can analyze dental data and accurately diagnose patients, determining the necessary treatments for each individual. This way Overjet aims to improve the consistency and accuracy of dental data analysis, surpassing human capabilities, and helping dental care providers and patients alike. Through its innovative AI-powered approach, Overjet is thus providing enhancing clinical decision support for professionals, and by that transforming dental care and the entire field of dentistry and orthodontry.

Rhino Health: Advancing AI Development in Healthcare

Full Company Name: Rhino HealthTech, Inc

Founded in 2020
HQ: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Healthcare AI Development

Founded in 2020, Rhino Health is a relatively new startup in the Healthcare AI sector that is, however, already trying to push the boundaries of AI development. The company’s platform enables medical researchers and AI developers to access diverse and disparate datasets seamlessly, leveraging them in the creation of better AI algorithms for other healthcare AI companies. Rhino Health promises to accelerate the development, validation, and improvement of AI algorithm models that can enhance outcomes across the healthcare industry by facilitating easy access to datasets. With its AI-driven platform, Rhino Health is thus presenting itself as a meta company that paves the way for more advanced and impactful AI applications in healthcare.

AKASA: Streamlining Revenue Cycle Management through AI

Full Company Name: AKASA Inc.

Founded in 2018
HQ: South San Francisco, California, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

AKASA is a healthcare AI company focused on helping healthcare providers, medical centers, and other healthcare organizations streamline their revenue cycle management. AKASA’s platform, built on AI solutions, promises to simplify complex operational tasks related to revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry. By operating within existing electronic health record (EHR) systems, AKASA’s approach can improve efficiency and reduce errors, ultimately enhancing revenue for medical centers and healthcare professionals in general. With this powerful AI-powered solution, AKASA is on its way to transforming how healthcare providers manage their revenue and ensure greater financial success and stability.

Owkin: Discovering New Drugs through AI

Full Company Name: Owkin, Inc.

Founded in 2016
HQ: New York City, New York, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Biotech and Drug Discovery

Owkin is primarily an AI biotech company that could potentially have a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry as well. Using AI technology, Owkin has the high ambition to find the right treatments for every patient, customized to their specific needs. The company is particularly focused on developing treatments for unmet medical needs, especially in the global fight against cancer. Its AI algorithms can identify new drug candidates, build diagnostic tools to improve patient outcomes, and significantly accelerate clinical trials, and therefore improve and speed up the entire drug discovery process, ultimately paving the way for new, groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Corti: Enhancing Patient Care Through AI

Full Company Name: Corti ApS

Founded in 2016
HQ: Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Virtual Patient Care

Corti is revolutionizing medical care services with its AI-powered platform. In healthcare, timely and accurate clinical support can make a significant difference in patient outcomes. By analyzing patient interviews in real-time, Corti’s AI-based technology assists healthcare practitioners in making faster and more accurate decisions during medical consultations. With its speech recognition and machine learning capabilities, Corti promises to analyze and improve the efficiency of patient interviews, reduce costs, and enhance the overall quality of patient care.

HelloSelf: Digitizing Mental Healthcare

Full Company Name: Helloself Ltd.

Founded in 2018
HQ: London, England, UK
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Virtual Patient Care (Mental Health)

HelloSelf is a healthcare AI company that focuses on mental health. The company provides digital access to professional therapists, promising to enable users to receive help with their problems, implement changes, test those changes, and measure their impact on mental well-being. HelloSelf thus serves as a fully-featured therapist and coach. The company has heavily invested in AI technology over the last few years and will be able to leverage artificial intelligence to further help its users improve their mental health. By offering AI-powered digital therapy services, HelloSelf could soon be breaking down barriers to mental health support, making therapy more accessible to a wider audience, and ultimately have a great positive impact in the realm of psychotherapy and mental healthcare. Revolutionizing Stroke Care

Full Company Name:, Inc.

Founded in 2016
HQ: San Francisco, California, USA
(Main) AI Healthcare Field: Stroke Care is a healthcare AI company focused on strokes and related diseases. Strokes continue to be among the leading causes of death worldwide, and when it comes to stroke care, time is of the essence. The company is addressing this critical issue by leveraging AI technology for synchronized stroke care. By using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms,’s platform assists healthcare professionals in identifying and triaging potential stroke cases in real-time, enabling faster intervention and improved patient outcomes. By reducing these systemic delays, is minimizing stroke-induced disabilities and saving lives. This new revolutionizing AI-powered approach to stroke care could significantly reduce the number of cases and the degree of damage strokes cause.

These top AI healthcare companies of 2023 are driving innovation and revolutionizing the healthcare industry. From real-time patient data analysis to personalized (precision) medicine and improved healthcare accessibility, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare. Expect to hear a lot from these and other healthcare AI companies and significant advancements in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment in the coming years, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for all.

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